It’s possible to find an affordable and long-lasting solution for your missing teeth or tooth defects when you choose Upland Dental Care to help. We offer both removable and permanent dental prosthetics, including dental implants, bridges, dentures, crowns, and more. If you are in need of a dental prosthesis, reach out to our team to schedule your first appointment. 

During your consultation, we can assess the current status of your teeth and develop a treatment plan to meet your goals and financial means. 

How We Can Help

Our office carries four main types of prostheses, allowing your dental concerns to be appropriately managed with the best fit. These types include:

  • Dental implants — These are false teeth that are implanted directly into your jaw bone to offer a permanent tooth replacement.
  • Crowns — Crowns are used to cover an existing tooth to even out the appearance of chipped or damaged teeth while protecting the current tooth’s center from pain and damage.
  • Dentures — Either partial or full sets, dentures are a good replacement for multiple missing teeth. We can affix removable sets or implant permanent options. 
  • Veneers — A veneer is a small bit of porcelain that permanently bonds to a tooth to mask the color and shape, leaving behind a dazzling finish.

We offer a wide range of dental prosthetic solutions to meet your needs. From permanent to removable, we have a solution to fit every requirement and budget. Get in touch with us to schedule your first appointment and learn what we recommend for you.