Oral surgery is not often the first line of defense in oral healthcare, but in some cases it is necessary to protect your overall health. At Upland Dental Care, our talented dental team will discuss all of your treatment options with you to develop a dental care plan that works best for you. With a focus on providing quality care with minimal discomfort, we want you to know you are in good hands. Our staff dental is fully equipped and prepared to help you go through your oral surgery and follow up appointment without complications or concerns.

Oral surgery involves talent and skill and is the culmination of dental excellence. As a part of oral surgery options, our dentists offer orthodontic, endodontic, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implant options. When you visit our oral surgeon, you can rest assured that all of your questions will be answered and you will know exactly what to expect on surgery day as well as the recovery. Your oral surgery may involve several stops and our team is here to support you through the entire journey. 

A Painless, Healthy Smile

While you may be worried about your oral surgery, we promise to apply our 30 years of experience to your treatment. That means you’ll experience minimal discomfort while enjoying your pain-free results for years to come. Get in touch today to schedule your initial consultation with our team. We’ll see you in our office soon!