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As a parent, you are always looking out for the best interest of your children and trying to improve their health at every opportunity. If you are like most parents, your children’s teeth are something you don’t give much thought to once they have broken through the surface. Most Americans (falsely) believe that you don’t need to care for your children’s teeth as well as their own since they will fall out and new adult ones will grow in their place. However, your child’s oral health plays a big role in their overall health and the future of their dental health. In today’s post, we will discuss just a few things you can do to keep your kids’ teeth healthy.

At Upland Dental Care, we care for the teeth of your entire family, including your kids — toddlers to teens. We offer preventative dentistry to stay ahead of any dental problems and establish a healthy foundation. For children who suffer dental trauma or misaligned teeth, our dentist can help.

Establish good habits early.

Your role as a parent is to establish routines for your kids to carry on with them for the rest of their lives. It is important to establish healthy dental habits early on. Begin brushing their teeth twice a day, every day as soon as teeth break through the surface. Floss their teeth regularly to get them used to it. Teach them not to use their teeth as tools and avoid nail-biting.

Take them to regular preventive dental appointments.

Children should begin visiting the dentist for an annual exam and biannual professional cleaning beginning six months after the first tooth breaks through their gums or at one year of age, whichever happens first. Dental appointments can help establish healthy dental routines as well as help identify any issues before they become problems. If you take them to a family dentist like Upland Dental Care, they can establish a relationship with their dental team and keep the same dentist their entire lives.

Avoid giving them juice or milk in bed.

We recommend limiting juice in general, but if you do allow your children to drink juice, make sure it is never allowed in bed. If you do allow your child to have a drink in bed, make sure it is only water. Milk or juice left in your child’s mouth can lead to cavities and tooth decay. To help prevent this, permit your children to drink their milk before laying down, ideally brushing their teeth before putting them in bed.

Limit sugar in their diet.

Processed sugar comes in many forms and is hidden in many places. Processed sugar isn’t good for children for many reasons, including their oral health. Candy, cookies, and juice are common culprits of sugar consumption in children and should be monitored and limited. Applesauce, yogurt, and cereal are common foods that parents overlook as sugar-packed foods. It is important to know what is in your children’s foods and avoid those things that don’t promote healthy growth.

The team at Upland Dental Care is passionate about protecting children’s teeth and helping establish healthy oral hygiene practices. You can schedule preventive dental appointments for you and your kids to protect their teeth and stay ahead of trouble. For all of your dental needs, schedule your appointment today!

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