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Dentists are in the business of protecting teeth and beautifying smiles. It is no secret that teeth are a large part of people’s appearance and a less than perfect smile can affect self-esteem as well as opportunities. More than aesthetics, cosmetic dentistry helps improve your mental health. At Upland Dental Care, our dentists and hygienists are dedicated to helping all of our patients love the grin they see in the mirror and feel confident enough to use their smile to light up rooms. There is a wide range of services we offer to help put a smile on your face and in today’s post we will cover just a few.

Custom dental implants.

Many people with missing teeth simply deal with the discomfort of the gaps in their mouth. However, these missing teeth can cause other teeth to shift over time and affect facial and jaw support. It is 2020 and the options for dental implants vary almost as much as the apple selection at the grocery store. Dental implants are not simply fake teeth installed to fill gaps, they are custom made to replicate the tooth or teeth that are gone. Your dentist can match the size, shape, and color to match the rest of your teeth and implant it directly into your jaw for lifelong protection and comfort. Filling the gaps without worrying about removable hardware will give you something to smile about!

Teeth whitening services.

Natural teeth develop in a full array color palette ranging from a brilliant bright white to an opalescent cream. Over a lifetime of use and exposure to various foods, beverages, and environmental substances, teeth can begin to appear dingy and even take on a yellow or tan appearance. For many, these off-white hues are enough to make people hide their smiles. Your dentist can bring back that sparkle with professional teeth whitening services. There are a variety of techniques that may be used depending on your goals and current enamel situation. Your cosmetic dentistry team can discuss your options with you.

Judgment-free dental services.

We could go on and on about all the amazing things your local dental clinic can do to protect and correct your teeth to offer the confidence you deserve to flash your biggest smile (and we probably will in future posts), but one of the ways your dentist is sure to make you smile is by offering judgment-free services. There is no reason to feel embarrassed or ashamed of the condition of your teeth. Your dentist has seen it all and takes pride in being able to transform any mouth into a brilliant, dazzling smile.

At Upland Dental Care, our talented dental team breaks out all the stops to make our patients feel welcome, comfortable, and worthy of flashing a grin. Whatever your dental concerns are, we welcome you to let us help. Whether you are experiencing dental pain or a chip in your tooth makes you feel self-conscious, we’ve got options for you. Contact our caring dental team to schedule your assessment today.

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